Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Community in the Making

I include below a short photo essay by Maitreyi Cooper of building progress at our community in the countryside outside of Pune, India. Nayaswami Maitreyi and husband Michael are devotees from the UK, who left their families to live in Ananda's Kriya Yogashram, last September. Michael has taken on the role of Maintenance Manager for the community's varied projects, incuding overseeing the building of the new temple. Maitreyi's duties are also diverse, ranging from housekeeping, community nursing, healing, and writing blogs and ashram event promotion. Maitreyi is also a spiritual author. About two dozen flats are under construction and should ready by April or May.

As future residents, Michael and I have keenly watched the progression of the building of the residential flats since the groundwork began last March.

We cannot pretend that there have been many times of frustration at deadlines being missed. We have had to learn that, in India, work goes at a pace not seen or accepted in the West. We have had to evaluate, in our minds, the real mission of being here in India, which is to fulfil Master’s dream, and not to be hung up on the building of our home. Home is where the heart is, after all!

The build is now moving on a pace. We have watched the flats tentatively, rising brick by brick. The site now looks like a small village has sprung from the hillside as the dwellings cling elegantly to the steep slopes of the valley. A community in the making!

Buildings, of course, do not make a community, but the graceful design that has incorporated the ideals of community living will make it easier for the residents to bond and forge the friendships that are so vital for community survival. The residences will all face on to an ample communal area which will allow for meditation gardens, Yoga pavilion, children’s play area, or whatever we, the residents, would like to fill the space. This has yet to be decided.
It is going to be so wonderful having neighbours who share the same ideals as Michael and I, who we know will be always happy to give a helping hand when needed. It will be exciting to be Uncle and Aunty to all the children and to know what it is to have an extended family.
We are hoping to move into our new home by the end of April, this year. What a joyous, and monumental occasion that will be, and we invite all who are able to come to bless our new home.

Jai Guru!
God bless
Nayaswami Maitreyi and Michael