Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guru Kripa

This is a story told to me by Jasbir Singh, a friend of Ananda Sangha in Gurgaon and the owner of a fabric shop in the Qutab Plaza Mall, a short distance from our Gurgaon ashram.

I was first introduced to Swami Kriyananda in 2004. At that time, I had made kurtas for a few of the Ananda monks and one day a group of them came to my shop and said that Swami Kriyananda wanted to meet me. I had seen him
once before but had never been introduced to him so I asked my husband what he thought I should do. He said, “If a saint invites you to meet him, you should go.” I asked if he would go with me and when he said, “Yes” we went to where Swamiji was living at that time, in the building that is now the Ananda ashram. (Jasbir and her husband, Brigadier Singh, at left.)

Swamiji was very gracious and we were served tea and snacks and we talked about this and that. Finally, Swamiji looked at me and said, “Madam, I am looking for a house and you are going to buy it for me!” You can imagine my surprise. I had just met him and said, “Swamiji, I don't know anything about houses and buildings or about prices and things like that,” but he didn't say anything more about it. I kept wondering what he could mean because I didn't have money to purchase a house if that was what he meant. It was all very strange.

A little bit later, I received a call saying that Swamiji was negotiating with a fellow about a house and was asking if I could come and take part in the conversation. I said I would and went to where they were meeting and was introduced to this man who asked, “Do you recognize me?” At first I didn't but then I remembered him as someone I had not seen in a long time, a man who had lived in a house of my uncle's when I was young and who, many years ago, had caused him lot's of trouble. I immediately called Dharmadas into another room and told him, “Don't have anything to do with this man. He will take your money and cheat you for sure. He's dishonest and not a good man.” After awhile, we went back into the room where this man was speaking with Swamiji. Dharmadas thanked him for coming and told him he would think about their offer but I think the fellow knew I had said something against him because he gave me a dirty look. Swamiji said he was glad I had come because he felt something was not right.

Some days later, I was walking in the neighborhood and I saw a sardar (Sikh man) standing by the gate of a new house. Since I am also Sikh, I said “Hello” and asked if he lived there. “No,” he said, “I am a builder and I have just finished this house.” I was curious so I asked if he would be willing to show it to me, which he did. I liked it immediately and he and I sat down to talk about it. “Sir”, I said “I know nothing about houses and construction but I want to buy this house for a swami and I trust you to help me and to
give me a good, fair price. You must understand that this house will be for a very spiritual man and the money will come from many donors around the world. This is a not a normal buisness deal. The cloth on your head (referring to his turbin) is the same as that on my husband's. We are well known in this neighborhood and if it should come back to us that we have been cheated, I don't know what we would do or how we could show our face. You must help us.” The man was touched because he replied, “One thing is missing. You say many have contributed but I haven't been asked about what my contribution will be. I too will help with this purchase.”

So, we talked about prices and details and eventually Swamiji and the others came to see the house too. They liked it and we went forward with the purchase. This is how Swamiji came to live in Guru Kripa. Afterward, he said, “What's this about not knowing anything about houses. See how you bought this house for me."